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Hmmmmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever been called sir before. I like it.

BTW ExEp, I did say he freaks people out. Whenever I look at him I just laugh.

Anyway, more new stuff from Sir JR


The leader of Class C, Katherine is a powerful telekinetic, with the ability to control an objects kinetic energy, causing things to move inexplicably or stop without slowing down. She can also remove the kinetic energy from objects to create blasts of kinetic energy, which she releases from her hands. She has a slightly antagonistic rivalry with Chrisi, the leader of Class A, and she takes the whole inter-class rivalry much more seriously than Danny, Class B’s leader. She is very competitive and quite arrogant, sometimes even cruel, she came up with the nickname Bob The Blob for her shapeshifting team-mate. However, she isn’t really as nasty as she first appears and just tries to act tough due to the bullying she suffered when she was younger.