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A shapeshifter, Robert’s body is made out of a malleable substance, not unlike silly putti. He is virtually un-harmable, his elastic ‘skin’ rebounds most impacts, and he can reform after being torn into a thousand pieces. This condition also allows him to take any shape he can think of, and his ‘skin’ contains a morphic pigment, meaning he can change the colour of his ‘skin’ and even transform his ‘skin’ into convincing clothes, to make his shapeshifting ability even more effective. Due to the nature of his condition, he can only hold a form as long as he concentrates, otherwise he reverts to an amorphous blob, something he tries to avoid, as it tends to freak people out. He is a member of Class C, and enjoys using his abilities to pull pranks on his class mates.

This could also double as a warning as to why you should never put yourself in a liquefier.