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Born with slight mutant powers (danger precognition, superhuman senses), Christine ‘Chrisi’ McMann lived a fairly normal life until she was caught in the middle of a supernatural incident in the centre of Lake City. The incident rendered her a quadriplegic, losing both of her forearms and her left leg. However, anyone who believed she would never be able to properly move again reckoned without her brother Jason, a mechanical genius, who built his sister cybernetic replacement limbs and spinal implants to enable her full movement again, as well as some more unusual modifications. Soon after, both teens where approached by Professor Ulysses of W.I.L.D and offered places at W.I.L.D’s new super-human teaching facility. Chrisi acts as leader of her class, Class A, but she sometimes struggles with her condition, finding fighting using her enhancements tiring and she often prefers to use crutches or a wheelchair when she doesn’t need her cybernetic limbs.