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Ok, moving away from 70’s British Comedy now, and back to heromachine.

New team for you.

Galactic Guard.


Name: Aesia Kael
Species: Damouran
Abilities: Cybernetically Enhanced Body, Hyper-Reflexes, Perfect Aim

Name: D’Jala Ren
Species: Rkuten
Abilities: Limb/ Tail Regeneration, Wall Climbing Ability, Venomous Bite, Medical Expertise

Name: Arya
Species: Sol Deitiis
Abilities: Flight, Resistant To Spaces Vacuum, Temperature Resistant, Super Strength, Can Emit Light

Name: Grawrp
Species: Golem
Abilities: Injury Resistant, Super Strength

Name: Mira Abina
Species: Svetalen
Abilities: Hyper-Reflexes, Super Speed, Galactic Class Pilot

Team Profile: A detachment of powerful law enforcement agents and war heroes given a mission by the Cosmic Council to protect the Grand Galactic Expanse from chaos, disorder and those who may cause it. They have a remit to do what ever they think necessary in maintaining the peace, up to invasion or destruction of planets. They are currently hunting the genocidal being Omnion, who has taken refuge on/ is attempting to conquer Earth.