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Thanks Anarchangel

Another new one, now that I seem to have found a theme.


Name: Eva Wallis
Alias: Diamond
Affiliates: W.I.L.D Strike Force
Powers: Crystallisation (can create crystal forms to use as weapons/ shields), Touch Telepathy
Biography: The main liaison between the Strike Force and their W.I.L.D supervisor, Diamond was put into the team to make sure that their missions were carried out properly and no member of the team deviated from the mission or did anything that could expose the team. Whilst she is not the most powerful member of the team she has enough skill and experience to mean she is not a hinderance to the more powerful members of the team. As a W.I.L.D agent, she has been trained in numerous forms of weaponry and unarmed combat, as well as computer hacking and various forms of information extraction (including many methods that would only be taught to members of the Strike Force). She is very business like in her manner and prefers to see things work out as planned, but she is resourceful and cunning beneath her officious exterior, not one to double cross, because anyone who did would more than likely find themselves regretting it very quickly.