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Thanks Scat.

Just a small stop gap thing now, whilst I try to figure out my next set of characters.


Name: Alexandra (Alex) Cole
Alias: Strong-Girl
Affiliates: W.I.L.D Strike Force, The Freaks (Defunct)
Powers: Kinetic Absorption, Transfer Of Kinetic Energy Into Muscle Mass, Super-Strength (Unknown Limit), Size Shifting, Superhuman Endurance, Invulnerability (above a certain size)
Biography: A former member of the Freaks, the semi-superheroic group based in Powell City, Alex Cole was one of the four survivors of the attack, by the terrorist sect the Knights Of Purity, that decimated the Freaks. Unlike her former team-mates, Cole carried on with super-heroics after the attack, becoming a member of the World International Law Division (W.I.L.D) Strike Force. Her ability seems to stem from a super-active mutanogenic gene. Her mutation seems very similar to the powers displayed by Turbo Girl, however unlike her, Cole does not transfer the kinetic energy she absorbs outwards Instead it seems that her muscle mass increases when ever she comes into contact with anything moving, absorbing its kinetic energy and this process seems to cause her increase in muscle mass and size. However, she will return to her normal size after remaining inactive for a period of time, the length of time dependant on how much she has grown. Like Turbo Girl, Cole seems to have no control over this process and neither seem to have an upper limit to their powers, so whilst they may be very useful operatives and very well meaning, caution would be advised, as both could be considered very dangerous if they ever lost control of their powers or ever came into conflict.