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Shukon Goujin


Many centuries ago, Japan was in turmoil. Gods, monsters and spirits warred relentlessly across the spirit world and our own. The armies of good, lead by Susanoo-no-mikoto, looked sure to fall against the armies of darkness, lead by the oni sorcerer Ji-Ogana and the great serpant Orochi. However, a human warrior called Shukon Goujin turned the tide. Wielding the sword Echigo Ryuken, he helped the gods defeat Ji-Ogana’s army and, whilst Susanoo fought Orochi, Goujin battled Ji-Ogana. However, the oni was too powerful and Goujin had to use his remaining power to seal both himself and his enemy inside his sacred amulet, the act of which reduced them both to spirits. However, the amulet was found on a recent archaeological dig. Bought by a rich American with an interest in Japanese mythology, the amulet was accidentally damaged as it was being transported to America, freeing the inhabitants. Unable to stop Ji-Ogana escaping, Goujin sought out a human who could control the power within the amulet and wield the mighty Echigo Ryuken, to stop Ji-Ogana from returning and unleashing his army on the human world once again.