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I wonder what Heromachine will be like in 1000 years time?

Hopefully like this…..

“Are you tired of having to walk to the nearest telepad in order to get to work, wish you could teleport without one?
Are you frustrated by things in your way, wish you had the strength to smash through them?
Are you confused complicated maths and physics, wish you were smart enough to understand?
Well now you can, with the NEW HERO-MACHINE 3000, from Herbert Corp. Developed at the Jeff Herbert Institute for the Advancement of Superheroics, this new machine is capable of doing all this and more.
The culmination of 1000 years of research and development that started with the very first Heromachine at the dawn of the 21st century, we can now proudly say you will not find a better Super-Augmentation Machine in the colonised solar system. As well as all of the upgraded features from the Heromachine 2900, this new machine includes:
– 200 heroic templates
– 100 new power sets available
– 5 year extra lifespan on powers (not including immortality)
– Improved On-Board Hydrogen Fuel Cell for maximum efficiency
– Capable of augmenting multiple people with the same powers simultaneously, with extra augmentation pods available from retailers
– 50 year warranty
– Now with a 100% reduction in addictive chemicals

Buyers of the Deluxe Package get free use of the costume design department at the Heromachine Building in Denver.
Suitable for most homes.
Delivery and Installation free of charge for homes on Earth, other colonies may vary.

Price: 1,250, 000Cr

Disclaimer: Herbert Corp and Heromachine cannot be held responsible for the actions of users of this interface. Any and all accidents, acts of violence/ terrorism committed by Heromachine augmented persons is not the responsibility of either company under the Protection Of Corporations Act 2565″