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Born as a girl, Alex Kane always felt like he was in the wrong body. He tried to live life as a girl, he liked guys so other girls wouldn’t think of him as weird but he knew it wasn’t who he was. Not having enough money for gender reassignment surgery, he became suicidal, until his mutant power to shape-shift emerged. After some practice, he managed to learn to hold a male form indefinitely, only returning to his original female form in times of great emotional stress. After figuring out his identity problem, Alex turned his attentions to the other things his powers could do. He learnt to increase his muscle mass and strength by will, giving him super strength. He found out about Pride and, at a Gay Pride march, approached them to ask if he could join. They were convinced when his skills helped them stop a violent clash with a homophobic counter march. He has now struck up a romantic relationship with Chance, but he hasn’t told his lover about his true identity, fearing it may drive him away.