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Prince Charming

The leader and founder of the Fairy Tale Fighters, Prince Charming was an experiment into human genetics. Alongside his wife, The Princess, he was an attempt to create the perfect human. Both have peak physical conditioning and high durability against injury. They share an almost telepathic bond and are a highly effective crime fighting team. Before the experiment was complete, the laboratory was attacked by The Wicked Witch, a villainess who uses a combination of magic and science and takes her inspiration from fairy tales. Both Prince Charming and The Princess were woken prematurely and latched on to the Wicked Witch’s fairy tale persona, but their natural heroic natures meant that they fought to protect the scientists who were under attack. Believing that they were indeed fairy tale characters brought to life, they left the laboratory and began helping people as superheroes. However, The Princess was later kidnapped, forcing Prince Charming to put together a team of other fairy tale superheroes to aid him in finding and freeing his love.