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The Protectors:
The Freak, Switch and Alaya

Code Name: The Freak
Real Name: Thomas Prior
Power Source: Experimental Serum (Accidental Exposure)
Powers: Super Strength (In excess of 50 tons), increased healing rate, enhanced endurance
Allegiances: The Destroyers (Former Member), The New Protectors (Current, Provisional Member), S.H.A.R.P* (Current, Provisional Agent)
Known Family: Fredrick Hanerman (Son)
Notes: Former theif. Injured and accidentally exposed to the Golden Guardian formula whilst attempting to steal it. Former Supercriminal specializing in neutralizing Superhumans. Former member of criminal group The Destroyers. Now attempting to give up criminal activity. Brought in to the New Protectors as part of the supervillain rehabilitation program. Founder Member of The New Protectors.
Status: Active

Code Name: Switch
Real Name: Unknown
Power Source: Unknown
Powers: Teleportation, Super agility, Super reflexes
Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current, Provisionary Member)
Known Family/ Relationships: None
Notes: Former supercriminal/ mercenary. Brought in to The New Protectors as part of the supervillain rehabilitation program.
Status: Active

Code Name: Alaya
Real Name: Anna Louise Young
Power Source: Extradimensional Object (Angelic Staff)
Powers: Flight, Enhanced Strength (twice as would be expected for her body size and weight), Light manipulation
Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
Known Family/ Relationships: Thomas Young (Father), Jane Young (Mother, Deceased), Thomas Young Jr. (Brother), Ryan Dawn (Partner, Golden Guardian)
Notes: Serves with distinction during the Armageddon Crisis. Honored for her part in the defense of the Earth. Founding member of The New Protectors.
Status: Active