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JR, The Fairy Tale Fighters are GREAT! Concept and art wise. I’m not getting any images for The Six or the Protectorate. I’m still learning, but would you mind if I tried my hand at a Fairy Tale Fighter? I’m thinking of a reformed Big Bad Wolf to partner with Red Riding Hood, who by the way is a great design! Though seeing how he killed her Grandmother that might be hard to accept. BTW, Gingerbread Man ROCKS!

Weird, I’m not having any problems getting the images for The Six or The Protectorate. I’d try right clicking on where the images should be and clicking ‘Open in new tab’ if you want to see them.
As for doing a pic of Big Bad Wolf, go for it. I might make the villains for the Fairy Tale Fighters the subject of a design contest later, so you could enter it there if you so wish.