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The Protectorate

After The Protectors fell apart after The Titan was sealed in time, Prodigy formed a new version of the team with his team-mates Copy-Cat (Megan Rush) and Sky Maiden (Auran Skal/ Amy Skye). He also invited superstrong mutate powerhouse Barracade and Japanese elementalist Kamizu Nokiriha (now working under the alias Fahrenheit). However, unlike The Protectors, the Protectorate are considered outside the law by W.I.L.D and are being constantly monitored. This is because they believe that Copy-Cat could now be a security threat, believing she could attempt to free her husband from his time lock. Also, due to her original power set, being able to copy any superhuman ability, and her prolonged exposure to the Titan, she has been imbued with his energy controlling powers, now taking his alias as the new Titan.