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The Six: A secret superhuman task force set up by W.I.L.D to do all of the subversive jobs that even W.I.L.D couldn’t be seen doing, each of The Six is only known by number, from 1 to 6.

1 is a vampire with enhanced senses and the ability to teleport through and control shadows. He fights daily with his blood-lust, having to take specially prepared blood capsules three times a day to stave off his cravings. He acts as the leader of The Six, having the most experience, with being over 500 years old.

The second member of The Six, 2 is a mutate with the ability to perceive different forms of information telepathically, wether it be another persons thoughts, computer information or future events. However, this has left him slightly unhinged, as he cannot turn off this extra-sensory inflow. This means you should always worry when he becomes serious.

A mutate with the ability to heal others, restore life and control nature, 3 was brought in to The Six as the teams medic. She has little combat experience, but she can hold her own if required. She can subdue 1’s bloodlust for prolonged periods of time, but not infinitely, allowing him to retain clarity on missions.

4 out of The Six, he is a man possessed by an immortal spirit. He can make people see their worst fears through telepathic suggestion, or in extreme cases physical hallucination constructs. Due to the spirit inside him, he is no longer able to sleep, and he often shows interest in the dreams of his team-mates.

The last of an ancient alien species that settle on Earth in its Middle Ages, but were wiped out by the superstitious human population, 5 was hidden away as an egg, until he hatched 200 years ago. He was captured by the Prussian army and held in a dungeon in Berlin. There he was kept until he was freed by the allied troops at the end of World War II and he was taken to the USA. There the government put his unusual physiology, his impenetrable skin and ability to fly, to use, using him as a weapon. He was then incorporated into The Six. He is never seen without his scarf, which hides a scar from his early encounters with the peasantry in the German countryside. He speaks English well, but he has a pronounced German accent.

The last of The Six, he is a mutate assassin with perfect aim, super speed, reflexes and agility. His most interesting ability though, is his power to regenerate his body when he is killed, by taking over the body of another person and transforming it into his own body. He is usually the first line of attack on The Six’s more questionable missions. He tries to counter the bleakness of his profession using black humour. He uses two throwing discs, as they suit his ability set more than other weapons.