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The Protectors:
The Eagle, Prodigy and Golden Girl

Code Name: The Eagle
Real Name: Chad Martins
Power Source: Physical Mutation
Powers: Superhuman Aim/ Reflexes/ Senses, Innate Capability with weaponry
Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
Known Family/ Relationships: Fred Martins (Father), Marrisa Martins (Mother), Daniel Martins (Twin Brother, Agent 7- S.H.A.R.P), Hannah Martins (Sister)
Notes: Served in the armed forces during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Founder Member of The New Protectors.
Status: Active

Code Name: Prodigy
Real Name: Daniel King
Power Source: Physical Training, Mutation
Powers: Peak Physical Condition, Superhuman Targeting Skill, Wall Crawling, Danger Prediction
Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
Known Family/ Relationships: None
Notes: Former Mercenary. Has worked both for and against government agents. Highly skilled espionage agent.
Status: Active

Code Name: Golden Girl
Real Name: Tara Fairchild
Power Source: Experimental Serum
Powers: Super Strength (up to 2 tons), enhanced endurance, increased healing factor, flight
Allegiances: The Angels (Defunct), The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
Known Family: Joseph Fairchild (Father), Harriet Fairchild (Mother), Thomas Hall (Partner, Dynamo)
Notes: Served with distinction in the air force during the Afghanistan conflict. Volunteered for Midas Industries Golden Guardian Experiments. Served with distinction during the infestation of Metro City
Status: Active