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Inspired by a comment from prswirve above.

After The Titan was sealed away in time to prevent the birth of The Destroyer, The Protectors fell apart without his leadership. Without the major superhero team to protect the city, Metro City fell into chaos, with numerous super-villains, superheroes and teams battling to take control of the city. The Justice Guard attempted to restore order in the city, but they mysteriously disappeared. Soon after former Protectors villain Ultraman unveiled his new direction, taking down his former allies The Vetruvian Men. Having established himself as a hero, he invited two low order heroes, Hornet and Huang to join him as the new Ultra-Men, his idea of what a new team of superheroes should look like. With his core team in place, Ultraman is recruiting more and more heroes and villains to his team, including former Protector The Freak. However, is everything what it seems with Ultraman’s change of heart?

Team powers:

Ultraman: Power Mimicking and Storing (he can mimic the powers of anyone within a mile radius, mixing and matching their powers and storing them for later occasions. He has the potential to be all powerful. )

Hornet: Flight, Retractable stinging spikes in his arms and feet.

Huang: She can transform light into energy waves through the wings on her costume (these waves can be used to form weapons, concussive blasts or allow her to fly.)