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The Outcasts
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Josie Peters: Born a mutate with rock hard grey skin, wings and talons protruding from her knuckles, Josie was abandoned by her parents shortly after she was born, ending up in an orphanage in Port Palmer. Growing up, she was bullied by the other children in the orphanage due to her freakish appearance, only really befriending one other child, a girl named Sarah. When Sarah was adopted, Josie became depressed and tried to run away numerous times, eventually leaving the orphanage for good just after her 14th birthday. She spent 4 more years living rough on the streets of Port Palmer before coming across the hideaway.

Chloe Wallis: A teenage mutate with extendable spikes protruding from her forearms. Her powers first surfaced whilst she was at school, unfortunately leading to the near fatal stabbing of a bully. The incident caused her to run away from home and live on the streets before coming across the Outcasts hideaway. She has a great love of art and can often be found drawing or painting in her room in the hideaway.

Alex Marridge: A mutate with green skin, Alex can cause illusions, making people see things that aren’t there or not see things that are. He often uses this power to make people think he looks normal, but he often loses this ability when under great stress. He was often bullied at school, with people trying to make him drop his illusion. His life wasn’t much better at home; his alcoholic father considered him a freak and often beat him. On his 16th birthday, Alex finally decided he had had enough, running away. He now lives in the hideout, practicing his illusions, so as he can help some of his other outcasts.

Todd Rouge: Born with horns protruding from his head, Todd was feared by anyone who saw him, especially being brought up in a highly religious area, where he was considered the devil incarnate. His parents originally covered his horns by forcing him to grow a floppy fringe over it, but as he grew the horns became incredibly hard to hide. In his late teens, he was attacked by mobs frequently and his body is covered in scars from numerous attacks on his life. He eventually found his way to the Outcasts hideaway, where he currently resides. He also has the ability to project dark energy from his hands, but he struggles to control this ability so he rarely uses it.

Danielle Radon: A highly loving character, Danielle always wanted to have a job that involved helping people. However, in her teens it became apparent that she had a rather unfortunate mutation. If she touched a living thing with her right hand, she would cause it to wither and die as long as she maintained contact, whilst her left hand could reverse damage to the body. The unfortunate truth was though; her healing power wasn’t as strong as her destructive power. Driven out of her home after a series of accidents, she eventually came across an old abandoned house on private land, which she turned into a hideaway for other outcasts like herself.

Spider: A former teenage delinquent and violent gang member, Spider has spent his life in and out of various forms of incarceration. In his late teens, his mutation surfaced, he grew four large arms from his back and these hands had the ability to stick to walls. He originally used his powers to steal, earing him the nickname Spider. He eventually decided to go straight after being thrown out of his gang, ending up in the hideaway. He spends most of his time listening to his music and taking illegal substances.

Xu Juan Feng: The daughter of Chinese immigrants, she was attacked by demon vampire in her early teens, causing her to mutate, growing fangs, horns and a whiplash tail. She covered her body in ancient runes to control her demonic nature, meaning she doesn’t feel the need to consume blood, however she can only eat meat, preferably raw. She found her way to the hideaway, after searching for the demon who attacked her, using it as a base for her explorations. She is very shy and withdrawn, hiding away in the darkness of her room for most of her time in the hideaway.

Matt Roberts: Born showing immediate signs of his unusual mutation, Matts parents hid him away from the world for most of his life, afraid of how people might react if they saw him. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is surprisingly gentle, although he lacks many basic social skills, due to not having had much social interaction for most of his life. On his sixteenth birthday, his parents decided to allow him out of the house as a present, but he got separated from them. Lost and alone, he was attacked by a gang of thugs who made fun of his appearance as they beat him. His life was saved by Spider, who took him back to the hideaway.

NOTE: I’m constantly looking for new ideas for members of this team. If you have any ideas for outcasts please tell me and if I like them, I’ll add them.