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Name: Alice Walters
Alias: Ace
Affiliations: Team Supreme
Powers: Immortality, Super-Healing, Super-Strength
Profile: The daughter of Flying Ace, the immortal British Pilot and member of the original Team Supreme, when she was born it was believed she hadn’t inherited her fathers powers, as he had gained his powers due to enemy experimentation instead of genetic factors. However, she discovered that she had when she became the victim of one of her fathers greatest enemies, Doctor Dome, who tried to kill her as revenge against her father. She survived and joined the new version of Team Supreme. The relationship between her and her father is frosty at best, she blames him for her powers and the fact that she never really had a family or a childhood and now she feels that her father is trying to control her life through the team. She is much more violent than her father, preferring to hurt Supervillains before they hurt others, she also carries knives, which her father strongly opposes. Like the rest of the team, she has taken on the identity of one of the original members as a mark of respect, but she says that she only respects the other original members and refuses to take on her fathers full alias, preferring to use the shorter ‘Ace’.