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Thanks guys. Now for the group shot and a run down of the characters.


Agent Zeta
Name: Yuri Kararov
Nationality: Russian
Powers: Cyborgnetically Enhanced Strength, Speed and Intelligence

Agent Delta
Name: Tara Jade (TJ) Wallis
Nationality: Australian
Powers: Telepathic Control Via Contact

Agent Rho
Name: Eamon O’Connell
Nationality: Irish
Powers: Wind Manipulation

Agent Beta
Name: Craig Pietersen
Nationality: South African
Powers: Kinetic Absorption and Release

Agent Omega
Name: Mattias Steffensen
Nationality: Swedish
Powers: Energy Absorption, Conversion and Release (e.g. light energy in, heat energy out)

Agent Alpha
Name: Lindsey Howard
Nationality: American
Powers: Invulnerability, Enhanced Strength, Senses and Agility

Agent Gamma
Name: Pedro Guerra
Nationality: Brazilian
Powers: Super-Strength, Semi-Invulnerability, Earth Manipulation

Agent Theta
Name: Aashif El-Amin
Nationality: Afghan
Powers: Plasmic Morphing, Minor Shapeshifting

Agent Sigma
Name: Sigma (Real name unpronounceable in any human tongue)
Nationality: Alien (Born in China)
Powers: Heightened senses, inferred/ ultra-violet sight, can taste certain types of radiation, claws that can cut through almost any earth substance, Superhuman Longevity

Agent Tau
Name: Jang Cho Dae
Nationality: South Korean
Powers: Danger Precognition, Power Mimicry/ Negation, Psychometry, Reactive Adaptation (in extreme cases)