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@Nug- No, pregnant people aren’t fun to make, on heromachine that is God it gave me a headache working out how to get it to work on the facing forward perspective. I’ve done similar stuff in side-on poses, but never in the normal pose. You know how you hate masking tonnes of stuff to the same item type? Well let me put it this way- I gave up counting how many circles were used for masking in this entire picture. The belly was actually made using the Mysterio bubble helmet from Headgear- Modern.
@Jeimuzu- It’s an amplifier actually, glad you like it. Once again, it’s based on my amp (which is a Line 6, see what I did there? ). As for the other thing, well, maybe. I’ll put it this way, possibly…. Not got that far yet, but there are other possible hints in the picture that no-one seems to have noticed. Oh and if you want to catch up on the story, I’d suggest going here-