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@Nug- Thanks. Unfortunately you are wrong in your prediction, because this isn’t TV, it’s JR’s Characters Thread ;)

But anyway, on with the show. Consumer Warning: Will get soppy. (I don’t know how good I am at writing this sorta stuff).

<span class=”bbcode_spoiler”>
The room sat in a stunned silence for a few seconds following Lili’s dramatic departure. Once again though, it was Lili’s mother who regained her composure first.
“Really, there was no need for that. I was only asking a question.” She exclaimed in an annoyed tone. She glared over at Jason with an authoritative look. “Jason, go and bring your sister back here at once.”
“No, please. I’ll go.”
All eyes at the table were drawn to Danni. She was wearing a calmly determined look and her tone, whilst soft and gentle, invited no arguments.
“This is a matter between us, and I think it would be best if we sorted it out together.”
‘Well, I suppose that is true,” Lili’s mother huffed, ruffling her shoulders like a bird fluffing its feathers up in the rain. “Do what you must.”
Danni nodded in acknowledgement and gave a slight smile as she rose from her chair and exited the room. Entering the hall, she turned up the stairs and headed towards the room second from the end of the hall, Lili’s old room.
“Lili, it’s Danni. Can I come in?” Danni asked quietly with a gentle knock on the door. There were some shuffling noises from behind the closed door, the sound of steps and the handle twisted, the door slowing opening to reveal Lili, her eyes red and make-up smeared and smudged where she had obviously been crying.
“Hey.” Lili’s voice was raw and almost choked. She opened the door wider and allowed Danni into the room.
“It’s been a while since I’ve been in here.” Danni said, glancing around the room, trying to make light conversation. The walls and cupboards were plastered in old band and comics posters, the bookcase and shelves were practically bare, as all of their contents had been moved to the apartment they both now shared.
“Heh, no, I guess not,” Lili said with a faint smile. She sat down on the bed, with Danni joining her a few seconds later. “Must have been shortly after we first started dating.”
“Mmm,” Danni murmured, as she slowly put an arm around Lili’s shoulder in a comforting fashion. Lili instinctively leaned into the embrace, taking the comfort that was offered.
“I guess you’re gonna ask about what happened down stairs?” She muttered as Danni rested her head upon her crown, giving her a small kiss as she did so.
“Only if you want to talk about it,” Danni whispered. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit worried about it, but we’ve talked about this before and I know how you feel about it, so you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.”
Lili relaxed slightly, but tensed again as Danni continued.
“It’s just, you’ve never reacted like that before.” Danni’s calm, gentle voice was tempered slightly with concern. “Kate and your mum have done this sort of thing before, but you’ve never flipped out like that.”
Lili sighed and pulled away from the embrace, raising her gaze to look her lover in the eye. Danni could see the conflicting emotions in Lili’s eyes, so she stayed silent and allowed her to find the words she needed.
“I, I guess it was how she mentioned dad.”
Lili’s words were soft and haltingly spoken. Danni had only seen her drop her guard like this a few times, always in conversations involving her father. She reached out and took Lili’s hand in her own, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Lili gave a sad smile before continuing.
“The stuff that happened between mum and dad, I was so scared. When you’re a kid, your family is the only security you have and it got torn away from me, so hearing mum just mention dad in such an off hand way, let alone use him as an argument against me, when she abandoned him like that. I just couldn’t take it.”
Danni gave a sympathetic grimace.
“I can understand that. I guess it also helps explain why you’re so against having children.”
It was Lili’s turn to grimace. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, Danni was right.
“Yeah, I guess so,” she sighed, turning away from her girlfriend and staring down at her hands. “After what happened, I sort of couldn’t face the idea of having another family. What if it fell apart like mum and dad. What if I end up like my dad. I just couldn’t take it. I…”
Lili was stopped in her tracks by what happened next. Danni roughly grabbed Lili, pulling her into a passionate kiss, which, despite her shock, Lili found herself returning. The kiss lasted moments, but Lili found herself breathless as they parted. She gazed at Danni’s face, wondering if she would ever find herself getting used to that feeling.
“Lili, trust me, I’m not going anywhere. You don’t need to worry about ending up alone, because I’m always going to be here for you.”
Such was the conviction and raw emotion in Danni’s voice and gaze that Lili was taken aback. She felt her heart swell as she processed those words. This time it was her turn to kiss Danni, a kiss that was no less meaningful or passionate as the last, or even their first. The couple fell back onto the bed, still locked in their passionate connection.
“I know,” Lili whispered as they parted. “I know you will.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
As they lay on the bed, basking in their feelings, a thought crossed Lili’s mind.
“Danni?” She asked tentatively, rolling onto her side so she could see her partner.
“Yes babe,” Danni answered, glancing down at her companion without moving, her eyes twinkling with a passionate energy that Lili couldn’t help but adore.
“When we talked about the whole child thing, it was always me saying that I didn’t really want kids and you would then agree with me.” Lili said thoughtfully. “You never really told me what you think about it.”
“Ah.” Some of the sparkle from Danni’s eyes faded as she gazed up at the ceiling, trying to piece together her thoughts. “I… it’s not that important really.”
“It is important to me.”
This time it was Danni’s turn to be taken aback by Lili’s words. She turned her head to face the other woman and saw the serious look on her face.
“I…” Danni sighed. “Please don’t be mad.”
“You actually do want to have children.” Lili sat up, no longer looking at Danni, instead concentrating on the empty bookshelf across from the bed where they were sitting.
“I didn’t want to say anything because you felt so strongly about it.” Danni exclaimed as she too sat up. “I’ve always wanted a family and I didn’t want to say anything because I just wanted you to be happy.”
A small smile flickered across Lili’s mouth.
“I never said I was against having a family.”
The words were soft, but they caught Danni’s attention none-the-less. Almost in unison, the couple turned to face each other.
“I just said not yet,” Lili’s smile was evident. “If I was going to have a family with anyone, it would be you babe.”
The pair embraced, a small moment they had shared many times before, but one that seemed even more special now.
“But as I said, not quite yet,” Lili said as their embrace broke. “I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for kids just yet. But if you want to do it, then I am more than willing to go along with it.”
Danni nodded and a mischievous glint entered her eye.
“At least it would shut your mum up about the whole grandkids thing.” She said with an impish wink.
“Leave it out,” Lili exclaimed, pushing Danni playfully away as the other girl stuck her tongue out in a teasing manner. Their giggles carried down the hall, down the stairs and into the dinning room, to their abandoned dinning companions, sitting in a confused silence, listening to the carefree laughter emanating from the room above. But right now the two girls could not care less.

And now we have my second question. Would you guys like to see me build off of what is said at the end here? It’ll be in art rather than writing (which will be interesting, I haven’t done anything like it before) because obviously this my art thread. I think it’d have to be Danni if the vote goes yes, because I think it’d traumatise Lili a bit too much.