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@CD & AA- Cheers guys
@Herr D- I have conversations with my characters, does that count? It’s not just they have a life of their own, but they’re breaking into my life and having a chat with me about it. Also, your 4 year old want to be Doctor Who when she grows up? She can join the club, we have t-shirts (and fezzes. Fezzes are cool).

Anyway, first half of another short story featuring Lili and Danni, this time properly introducing some new characters. Also, a quick question, do you guys think I should create pictures for the family members of our two heroines? I’m sort of on the fence about it.

“I heard there’s a sperm bank or some such place opening over in Kent Street next week.”
Lili sighed and stared at her plate, trying to avoid her mothers’ gaze. She could feel the pointed gaze as it was obvious that an answer was expected. This was why she hated going over to her mothers for dinner. It was always the same. She glanced around the table, purposefully avoiding looking towards her mother at the end. Danni gave her an apologetic smile from the seat next to her, whilst her brother Jason just shook his head. Then there was Kate.
“I think you girls should try it.” She said, her voice hitting Lili’s ears like someone driving a spanner into her brain. “I mean come on, it’s not that uncommon anymore, you know, for, like, lesbian couples, or gay couple I guess, to have kids. It’d be totally awesome if you did.”
Lili tried her hardest not to give Kate her worst death glare. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jason face-palm over his casserole, but neither their mother nor Kate noticed, which was probably for the best. It was hard enough having to deal with her mother going on about this stuff over their weekly family dinner, but when Jason was around it was made ten times worse, all because of Kate. Lili had wondered what Jason had seen in her to begin with. When they were first introduced Kate didn’t make the best first impression, she seemed gossipy, overly interested in involving herself in other peoples lives and just generally annoying in Lili’s eyes. Of course she got on with their mother like a house on fire. They chatted and gossiped like old friends. And when they were both around Lili at the same time their conversations always turned towards the same subject, Lili and Danni’s sex life, which tried Lili’s patience almost to breaking point.
“I mean, it’s better to do these things sooner rather than later,” Kate continued, her voice acting like a cheese grater to Lili’s nerves. “Me and Jason have been trying, but we can’t be sure of anything yet.”
Lili shot a raised eyebrow over to her brother, who was pointedly not making eye contact with anyone at the table.
“I don’t see why it’s such a big problem Lilith.”
Lili winced at the sound of her mothers’ voice. It never meant anything good when she said her full name.
“I just don’t see why you’re so against the whole idea of children. I can accept this whole ‘lesbian’ thing, but would like to have grandchildren at some point. At least Jason is trying.”
Jason was starting to turn red, but Lili was really getting to the end of her thread. Having the same one-sided conversation each and every week had really worn down her nerves. Why wouldn’t they just let it drop?
“You know, your father and I were around your age when we had you….”
Lili threw herself to her feet, slamming her hands onto the table and causing everyone to start.
“I’ve told you enough times, I don’t want to have children yet. Why can’t you understand that simple concept?”
It took a few seconds for the shock to leave her mothers face, but the look that replaced it was a look that Lili didn’t want to see.
“You don’t want to have children yet?”
A shudder traveled down Lili’s spine, as her mother leaned forward, hands clasped together, a hopeful, almost greedy look on her face.
“Does that mean you plan to have children at some point in the future?”
“I…. what? I don’t…. I don’t know.” Lili spluttered. “I… just… oh screw this.”
Before anyone could stop her, Lili had left the table, fleeing the dinning room, slamming the door behind her as she left.

You can find out how this all gets resolved tomorrow. I’ll also be asking another question about what direction you guys want me to take this series in then as well, so stay tuned for that. Your feedback on this series really means a lot to me.