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Herr D

Now THAT’S a heavy metal-heady pose.

Don’t worry about becoming more like me. You’re safely on the way. The first step IS having your characters take on a life of their own. As long as they never cross worlds without your permission, especially to this one, you’re fine.

My four-year-old, in the middle of me explaining that making other people late is stealing time from them, and therefore worth apologizing for, suddenly declared she’d be Dr. Who when she grew up so she wouldn’t HAVE to be sorry. [prideful 3 seconds of reminiscing] Pretty bright for a four-year-old who hasn’t fully separated the fantasies from reality, but not so good for someone sixteen and learning to drive, right?

Someday you’ll have characters coming alive while you safely operate heavy machinery like me. Laugh I’m confident you’ll get there!