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Anyway, after doing the last pic, I decided to do another in the same vein, although this one is harder edged.

And the song that inspired it (if you want to know what she’s playing along to):

Lili: That song’s okay I guess, but why can’t I be playing some Marylin Manson?
JR: ‘Cause I don’t actually like Marylin Manson, so why would I be listening to him whilst working on a picture?
Lili: In that case, why do I like Marylin Manson? Why would you make one of your characters like something you don’t?
JR: Because you’re meant to be an individual, not just a mirror of me. And anyway…..
(Danni walks in)
Danni: Hey guys, what are you arguing about?
Lili: JR won’t let listen to Marylin Manson whilst doing pictures of me because he doesn’t like his music and I was asking him why he made me like him if that was the case.
Danni (incredulously): Okay. Well, I’ll let you guys get on with that then. Oh, JR do you want a cookie? I’ve just finished baking some.
JR: Yes, thanks Danni.
(Danni leaves the room)
JR: Now, where were we?