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If they were actually real, I’d be very scared. I don’t think we want figments of my imagination running around the place, I’d end up like Herr D or something ;)
I’m glad you like them though. It is surprising how far they’ve come, considering that they started out as throw away characters that were basically rip-offs of the main characters from a web comic I follow. I don’t think I’ve actually invested this much time in any of my characters since I started my Alpha Comics universe idea when I first got into Heromachine in (god, trying to remember how long ago that was) 2008 maybe? I think it may have been earlier, does anyone remember when 2.5 launched? Because it was before then. But anyway, yeah, I was kinda apprehensive about including the sort, as I don’t upload a lot of my prose (for want of a less poncey word), so it means a lot that you like it.