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No new pics today, but I have got a little short for you.
May contain assholery, but there are people like that in the world, so what can you do.

“Hey, Rich, another please.”
The barman nodded as Danni turned back to her girlfriend, who was wearing a disapproving expression on her face.
“That’s your third you know.” Lili said, her tone matching her face. “Not too much more, I don’t want to have to carry you home.”
“It’s ok babe,” Danni said with a small smile on her face. “I’m not going to get wasted. I have work tomorrow. This’ll be my last, promise.”
Lili grunted in acknowledgement, but her gaze had drifted from Danni, now focusing on something over her shoulder.
“What are you looking at?” Danni asked, peering over her shoulder.
“Those guys,” Lili indicated at a group of three guys sitting in a huddle at the corner of the bar. “They’ve been watching us for the last 10 minutes and muttering amongst themselves.”
“Oh great.” Danni turned away just as the barman put a new glass next to her. “You reckon they’re ‘those sort of guys’ do you.”
“I hope not.” Lili went to turn back to the bar but something caught her eye. One of the guys at the end of the bar had made a gesture that she did not much care for and she wasn’t about to put up with it.
“Hey, what’s your problem man!?” She shouted over at the guy, making everyone else in the bar, Danni included, start and turn to see what was going on.
“You are,” came the reply. The guy was obviously just some idiot, blond, ripped, gym jock guy, you know the type. He had this arrogant smirk on his face that just rubbed Lili the wrong way and he radiated this aura of asshole that was almost tangible. “Why don’t you and your lesbo friend there go and do each other somewhere else. It’s bad enough you lot seem to have made some kinda community thing ’round these parts, but do ya have to be parading it all over the place.”
“Excuse me?!” Lili was in the guy’s face as quick as a flash. “We were just here having a drink, minding our own business, not ‘doing each other’ as you put it. And anyway, we have as much right to be here as you do.”
It had not escaped Danni’s notice that Lili had her fists clenched, tight. It wouldn’t take much for the guy to push her far enough where he’d get a smack in the face. Not that she would have blamed her, she would have like to smack the guy in his arrogant face. But they’d dealt with guys like this before.
“Lili, come on, leave it.” Danni put her hand on Lili’s shoulder and tried to guide her away from the confrontation. “It’s not worth it.”
Lili gave Danni a slightly pained look, but she reluctantly allowed herself to be turned away.
“Yeah, why don’t you and your dyke friend run off. I bet there’s other….”
The guy didn’t even get to finish his sentance before he was sent reeling away clutching a bleeding nose. Everyone in the bar was looking at Danni now. Her fists were clenched as tight as possible and she was almost trembling with rage.
“Don’t, ever, call me that name.” Her voice was low and nearly a growl. Even Lili had to take a step back, she’d never seen Danni get this mad, especially over something like this.
The guy had recovered his composure and, still clutching his nose, was looking for some way to gain back some pride.
“You’ll pay for that, b****.” He said, raising his fist.
“That’s enough there son.”
The focus in the bar moved towards the bar, wear the barman was standing, firmly, with a stern look in his eye.
“There’ll be no fighting in my bar,” he said, with a steely tone in his voice. “I want you out, now. As I see it, you got what you were asking for, but I’m not having this escalating any further. You can pay up for your drinks and then you’re out.”
He motioned towards the end of the bar, where the guy had abandoned his drink in his eagerness to provoke Lili into a fight. The guy looked like he was going to argue, but the look the barman gave him invited no arguements.
“Fine,” the guy grunted, shoving his hand into his pocket and pulling out a wodge of notes. “Here’s ya money. Come on guys, lets go. Don’t see tha point of hanging round a place like this anyway.”
As the guy and his two friends slopped their way out of the bar, the barman turned his attention towards Danni and Lili. Now that the adrenaline had calmed down, Danni had become quite embaressed, as though she’d even surprised herself with what she did.
“Sorry about that,” Lili said to the barman.
“As I said, he had it coming to him” the barman replied, grabbing the discarded glasses from the end of the bar. “But, next time lets try not to go having fights in my bar, ok.”
“Got it,” Lili grinned as she led Danni back to their seats.
“So,” she exclaimed as they both sat down. “What was that about? I mean I’ve seen you mad before, but that was another level. You totally decked that guy.”
Danni smiled very sheepishly. “I dunno, I just really don’t like being called a dyke. It’s what everyone at school always used to call me and it just stuck in my head. So hearing that guy say it it just took me back there. I don’t know how I hit him, I mean, I never hit anyone before.”
Lili leaned forward conspiratorially. “Well, between you and me, I thought it was awesome. And if you hadn’t have done it I would have.”
Danni gave an embarrassed giggle and Lili leant back into her seat again and stared down at her empty glass.
“Another drink? I think you earned it.”