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Thanks guys.

Now, I’m in two minds about posting this, as it’s not finished yet and I don’t like posting w.i.p’s, but I need some opinions. I’m pretty happy with the centre of this picture, the two characters and the background (heck, I’m reeeeeeeally happy with the centre of this picture), but the peripheries I’m not too sure what to do with. It’s mostly a case of what colours should I do, which patterns will work, that sort of thing. Basically anything white is fair game for suggestions. I’m trying to go for a modern holiday resort room sort of look, so I was thinking maybe white/ light cream walls and a light wood panelled floor, but that might be a bit bland? I dunno, what do you guys think.


And I have to give huge thanks to RobM for the poses here, I was struggling badly. I cannot pose for anything (which is ironic considering the current CDC I’m gonna be judging).