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Thanks Trekkie. I tried to keep it similar to the previous costume I had, but I had such trouble getting it together here and I’d say it’s probably the blandest of them so far. I guess green isn’t a creative colour after all.

Anyway, next up: Double Trouble. Note I didn’t say finally or penultimately, even though this is the last member of Pride. And no I’m not redesigning any of the villains or other characters I created for Pride first time round. I just let that one sit with y’all for a bit.


The result of an experiment into creating the perfect humans, Double Trouble was created by using technology salvaged from a destroyed Negadroid, combined with biological technologies developed during previous forays into this field of research. The result was spectacular. Able to split into male and female halves, when in the split form xe has the ability to know exactly what the other is thinking. In xer amalgamated form, xe has an almost instantaneous healing factor as well as strength, speed and stamina far in excess of even a peak level athlete. The two halves both have the same power set but at half the strength of the amalgamated form. Due to xer ability to split into halves of either gender, xe does not truly identify as either gender, and xer amalgamated form is classed as inter-sex. Whilst in split form, despite being technically the same person, xe can pass xerself off as twins in public. Xe formed Pride to help protect the LGBT community from aggressive forces.

(I had to rewrite this bio. The old one made NO sense. At All. Period. I must have been either really tired or off my head when I wrote it.)
Also, thanks to DiCicatriz for both the gender neutral pronouns and the original inspiration for the entire Pride team. Dunno if I suck up to you enough on your own thread man, but you are definitely my biggest inspiration on Heromachine and I have to give you a shout out considering how badly I ripped you off on the original Pride run.