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Many LGBT people feel that they are different from other people, but for Michael Chase it was more a case of what isn’t different about him. He knew he was gay from a young age, and whilst his parents were accepting, other kids weren’t. He was bullied constantly, despite being a star athlete at both high school and college. In his early teens he discovered he had the power to affect probability, which, allied with taking up martial arts, meant the bullies soon learnt not to try to beat him up. However, one of his sports team-mates found out about his powers, getting him disbarred from competing. He moved away from home, getting a job as a fitness coach, until he met some of the members of Pride out on a Gay rights march. He joined the team after helping them stop a violent clash when a homophobic counter protest tried to disrupt the march. He has since started seeing his team-mate Shift, apparently unaware of his past.