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Thanks guys. To be honest, the hair isn’t anything special, it’s just the fly away blown hair from the female hair section turned 90 degrees with the other fly away hair squashed up to make the fringe. The shading does make it look good, but it’s not amazing really. I was expecting people to talk about the gradient work yeah, but not the hair. Oh well, kind words are always nice, even if I don’t think all that much about what the kind words are about (not saying I hate the hair, it’s just meh, it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to and I think it looks a bit silly).

Anyway, next up: Enabler


Bio: A genius and a mutate, Enabler is able to mimic any power she can think of, although only one at any given time, as well as being able to enhance and sense the powers of others. Born by a surrogate mother for a gay couple who wished to have a family, she is one of the worlds most vocal supporters for LGBT rights. She met Double Trouble when they saved her from an assassination attempt during a public speech she was giving. Soon afterwards she helped Double Trouble form Pride, helping to find other super-powered LGBT individuals.