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Thanks guys. In the end I just went with a round about way of explaining it and then included a tutorial with pictures in the appendix, saved a lot of time (and words towards the word count) that way.

Anyway, lookit JR’s done a thing for once, rather than just rambling.
Yet more redesigning, this time I’m gonna go back over my LGBT team PRIDE, because I can and I want to. This time I’m gonna go with a more everyday sort of look. This should be fun.

Lets kick off with Nike.

Tell you one thing; I’d absolutely love it if we got an out stretched version of these wings, it’d look so majestic.
Bio: An alien princess from the planet Altar, a planet of exceptionally long lived winged humanoids, Nike is the daughter of King Pallas and Queen Styx. She is a formidable warrior and on Earth she is super strong and practically invulnerable. Like most of her species she is bisexual, as sexual attitudes are much more relaxed on Altar than on Earth. She crash landed on Earth whilst being chased by an alien slaver ship and she is now stuck here, until either human technology reaches a stage when she can be sent back home, or the Atlarians find her. She was rescued from the wreckage of her ship by Pride, and she joined the team, starting a relationship with fellow team member R-Gen. Confident, flirtatious and proud, she views Earth as a place to have fun, trying out as many new experiences as possible whilst she is stranded here.

You can find the original series back here:
It starts about half way down the page and carries on for the next two pages.