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“Sanction 1 is…… it’s hard to explain if you don’t know much about what the Veil are. The Veil might be beings of unknowable power, but we didn’t start that way, none of us did. Each and every Veil is paying penance for something, something they did in their mortal life. Pulled from their own time at the moment of their death, they are transported back to the very start of time its self, where their memories are sealed away, along with all of the darkness that their soul accumulated during their life, in order to prevent their power from being used for the wrong thing, and all emotion is removed as well. Each Veil carries inside them a well of darkness bound to their very being, that is slowly lessened over the eons they serve. As of yet, no Veil has been released, so that should give you and idea of how much darkness we are talking about here. What Sanction 1 does is it releases that darkness and allows it to take over a Veil’s body. That is why it is only used on the outcasts, all of that hate, rage, violence and sickness often turns those inflicted into a war zone, the good side, cultivated by those many eons of saving lives, and the bad side will go to war within the body, often tearing the Veil to shreds. Sometimes, the Circle use this punishment as a way to control renegades, only allowing a small amount of the darkness through and controlling the body through that, but this is rare. It is the worst punishment the Circle can impose, it effectively ends your existence, which is why we call those whom are charged with it Extants.”- Sempi Turner