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Thanks guys.

Anyway, continuing the theme.


Sempi: “I assume you didn’t ask me to travel three dimensions just for a social call. Something has happened, am I right.”
Gade: “Indeed. Word is that the Circle has gathered again. They are displeased with your actions, Sempi, you should not underestimate them. Kail even believes they may be considering placing the first sanction on you.”
Sempi: “Well, it was going to happen eventually. And it’s not like it affects my duties in any huge way. It may complicate them a bit further down the line, but it’s not something I hadn’t considered before I started. And anyway, I can’t stop now, there’s too much at stake.”
Gade: “I know, you know I support you in this as I always have done. Just be careful. You remember what happened to the last of us to be sanctioned. It destroyed them.”
Sempi: “I will old friend, its me we’re talking about here?”
Gade: “That’s what I’m worried about.”