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Thanks CD. As for the Silmarillion, I’m struggling through it. I’ve realised one thing when I read a bit to my mum (whose never read it) and dad (who only got half way through) over Skype the other day. The first chapters are basically Tolkien rewriting the bible (more specifically the old testament), reading it out loud I couldn’t help but slip into my “And lo, he did create the land and the sky” voice, plus my pronunciation probably doesn’t help. Plus synopsising the first chapters you basically are telling the story of Lucifers fall from heaven, with Melkor/ Morgoth taking the place of Lucifer. I’m not sure if he gets to the new testament at all, I haven’t got past Exodus yet.
Anyway, more new stuff and I have to say, WORST. MASKING LAG. EVER! Which is amazing as I’m pretty sure I’ve done more masking than this, but this thing just killed the masking tool. No idea why. I mean there’s only like 60 masked items (around 12 of each wing, plus the 12 gradients for each, then around 15 for the hair), not that much.