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Ok, last of the series now. This one you can really tell I’ve been reading Tolkien by the design.


In the beginning, there was only darkness. But in one moment, something very unusual happened. A light appeared in the black, and that light grew, driving back the darkness, creating life where before there was none and taking the form of land and forming from its soil creatures and plants. It created people, beings of light, near formless, pure spirit, life incarnate. But the darkness fought back. It took the form of a great black figure, Maldarath, and strode across the land of the light in the ancient times of the world, destroying the lights influence, warping and twisting those borne of the light into its own image, creating differences between the children of its adversary, forming divisions between them, taking the most deviant strain under his control and forming the first army of Gremlins. However, the light was more cunning than the darkness thought. It brought forth its final gift, hope, and so the children of the light fought back against Maldarath, forcing his Gremlins into the wilder lands and destroying Maldarath’s body, placing a powerful enchantment around the land that the light could still sustain. Thus was formed EtherWorld.
However, Maldarath still survived. Weak, barely a shadow, he clung onto life amongst the scattered remnants of his army. For thousands of years he waited, until he was found. A young Elven prince, banished by his own people for dark crimes, stumbled across the resting place of the champion of darkness and Maldarath saw his chance. How easily the Elven prince was suduced and Maldarath found himself a disciple who he could use, magically powerful enough for Maldarath to sustain himself on his mana and start to rebuild his body, and his army, in preparation for his second war. Because now the light had dimmed, the darkness was returning.