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Many hundreds of years ago, there was Prince of Elves, a powerful sorcerer, his name lost in the mists of time but known by many as The Valdarian. His story has long since slipped into myth, a cautionary tale told to Elflings to warn them about the dangers of misusing magic. However, it is not a myth, The Valdarian is real, and he has waited for centuries. Banished from Castaryl and EtherWorld proper by an ancient King for practicing the darkest magics known to Elven kind, held within the Black Scrolls in the Elder Vault, a section forbidden to all except by consent from the three Lords of the three races. The Valdarian only escaped a harsher punishment by fleeing his prison, knowing that whilst the King lived, his death was assured by an enchantment should he ever return. So The Valdarian ventured to the East, beyond the very boarders of EtherWorld, into the wilder lands, amongst the Gremlins and the dragons. Whilst he was travelling, he discovered something. His magic awakened a dark and ancient power, a power which latched its self onto The Valdarian and gave him powerful magic that he could not have imagined or discovered, even looking in the Black Scrolls. The power extended The Valdarian’s life and he served it, sustaining it with his blood and gathering together the forces of darkness, for a war against all that is good and pure in EtherWorld.