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Thanks guys. I’ve been reading the Silmarillion recently (or trying to, it’s not exactly an easy read is it), so that might explain the high fantasy style.

Anyway, I seem to be on a roll at the moment, so lets keep going, with a more minor villain, if you could even call him that. More an antagonist really.


Farin Halborn was born into a family renown in Elven society for their powerful magic, having produced at least 3 Kings and numerous Princes’, Princess’ and Academy Professors throughout their linage. Farin was no different. His talent for magic was noticed early on and he was often given special treatment by those around him, leading to him developing some-what of an over-developed ego. As everyone expected, Farin was selected for Prince-hood by King Kastarobos, however, much to Farin’s disgust and anger, the King favoured others, especially June Spellsong, over him. The King believed that Farin would make a bad ruler, as he was vain and selfish, where-as a real monarch should put their people before themselves. When Farin heard this, he vowed to prove his teacher wrong. He went travelling, in order to attempt to understand the “common” people, despite the war that was raging across EtherWorld. However, he was captured by the Gremlin forces, who recognised his gowns and jewellery as those belonging to a member of the Elven Royal house. In his cowardice, Farin told them everything he knew about the defences of the capital, but that did not save him, for his captor was The Butcher, Baask. Farin did return to Castaryl, his body borne aloft on a pike staff as a banner by the Gremlin forces, as they destroyed the city and slaughtered its inhabitants.