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Seraphim society is highly dependant on structure and rigid order. Each city is ruled over by an administrator, usually a Lord or Lady of the Seraphim High Royal Family, said to be descended from the first cloud-walkers at the dawn of history. The overall rule of the Seraphim race is a position held by a Seraphim titled the ArcLord, who rules from the Seraphim capital of Arcumulos. The current ArcLord is a black winged Seraphim called Gade, the fifth of his line to rule and the son of the ArcLord who helped King Kastarobos forge the triple alliance. The Seraphim withdrawal from the alliance against the Gremlin invasion after the fall of Castaryl caused deep and long lasting fissures within Seraphim society its self, its underlying tensions still tangible even a decade later. Many of the High Royals disagreed with the ArcLord’s decision and many believed they should never have joined the alliance to begin with. However, the most outspoken of the High Royals against Gade’s withdrawal was Lady Alininal, administrator of Cloud City, the Seraphim second city. A powerful presence in the royal court, she has made many enemies amongst the elite for her views, including Gade himself. When it was discovered that she had been aiding an elf called Talin Nightcaster in an attempt to find a way to reforge the broken alliance, her enemies found the chance they needed and banished her under the pretence of an attempted act of treason. Now she has travelled to the east, where rumours of a powerful Elven mage have started to grow.