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Back to the current series now.


After the fall of Castaryl, the Gremlins scoured the whole of EtherWorld, pillaging and burning any town they could find, virtually unopposed as the Seraphim withdrew their forces and the alliance of the Elven and Earthen peoples crumbled. One of the earliest was the river port of Mari, home to a population of both Elven and Earthen peoples, just across the mountains from Castaryl. The town was raised to the ground and its people left to burn in their houses. Few survived and those that did fled to the Crag Maze, a network of pathways and passages in the mountains, impassable to all but those who live in its surroundings.
Many years after the burning of Mari, Talin Nightcaster and Vail Clouddancer became lost in the Crag Maze whilst on their search for the Elven Princess. Had they not been found by Lyra Meadowsong, their eventual demise through starvation would have been an inevitability. Whilst the duo were allowed to stay with the people of the Crag, they were not welcomed warmly. Resentment still lingered within the hearts of the people of Mari towards the Seraphim who abandoned them to their fate and soon a fight broke out between Vail and one of the townsfolk. Though Lyra quickly broke up the fight, it was decided that the Seraphim and the Elf could not stay much longer, especially in light of their urgent quest. After hearing of their mission, Lyra volunteered to join their company, in order to avenge the deaths of those who didn’t escape the flames of Mari.