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Thanks AoC & HK.

This next one is a repost, but I thought it would make more sense to post it again at this point because of the story continuation.

When the Gremlins first invaded EtherWorld, the Elven King Kastarobos formed a grand alliance of the three races to combat this threat. From his capital (and the largest city in EtherWorld) Castaryl, he coordinated the war, forcing back the invasion on many fronts and utilising the strengths of each of the three races to their fullest. But he was betrayed. One of his princes gave the Gremlins vital information about the defences of the city. The city was destroyed and the King and all of his other potential successors were slaughtered. All but one.
Talin Nightcaster was an Elven Guard in Castaryl, powerful in shadow magic, concealment and teleportation, she often worked as the bodyguard to the princes and princesses of the Elves, hiding amongst the shadows and watching over them. She was close to Princess June Spellsong, one of the favourites to succeed Kastarobos. She managed to survive the fall of Castaryl and was one of those who helped search for survivors, being the first to reach the royal court and discover the horror within. However, she noticed one thing that many others did not. Her friend was not amongst the dead. However, without leadership, the Elves were in disarray and she could not put together a party to search for the missing Princess. Most of the Elves were more worried that, without their King to hold the alliances together, the war would start to go against them. And they were right. The Seraphim began to withdraw back to their clouds, whilst the remaining Earthen and Elven warriors struggled to hold back the tide. Knowing that only the Elven Ruler could reforge these alliances, Talin took it upon herself to find June and, with the blessing of one of the loyal Ladies of the Seraphim, as well as one of her most trusted Seraphim guards, she set out in search of the one who could unite the three races again.