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Of the 3 races, the ones least affected by the war are the Seraphim, due to their preference to living in cities in the clouds, which only they can reach without the use of magic. Because of this, and due to their naturally haughty and proud natures, there is often a fair amount of resentment towards them, especially from the Earthen tribe, who bore the brunt of the fighting. However, the Seraphim did see war come to their domain many times, especially during the middle years of the war, before the alliance with the Elves fell down and the cloud walkers withdrew to their realm of storms and wind. However, there are those amongst the ruling families of the Seraphim who would still join the battle.
Vail Clouddancer is a distinguished member of the Royal Guard of Cloud City, serving as one of the most trusted protectors and confidants of Lady Alininal. When the elf, Talin Nightcaster ventured to the Seraphim realm in search of aid in her quest, the Lady of Cloud City answered her call and bade Vail journey with her, in search of the one to unite the 3 races against their foe.