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Anyway, new stuff and new series, connecting into two previous pictures, which will be reposted later on with the stories to go with them.

EtherWorld is a world of magic and fantasy. It is home to a great many mystical and mythical creatures, such as dragons and trolls. There are four races who live within this world. The first three live in a tense but peaceful coexistence, the Earthen race living and working upon the land, their connection with nature the greatest of the three. The Elven race live amongst the mountains and forests, building great cities and studying learned subjects, utilising their skills in magic to great benefit to themselves and others. The Seraphim race live amongst the clouds and are renowned for their grace, love of beauty and skill in combat, when needed, as well as their seemingly innate ability to control the weather. However, the fourth race, the Gremlins, are not so harmonious. Warlike and brutish, they were banished from the civilised areas of EtherWorld at the dawn of history by the founders of the three races. But they have been marshalled under a banner of evil in the east of EtherWorld and for the last ten years their forces have been at war with the three other races.


Rani Warvale is an Earthen farmer from a small town in the east of civilised EtherWorld and has seen too many days of the war. Where once she was open and welcoming to all, she is now aggressive and harsh in her temperament, fiercely protective of her family since she lost her parents in the first Gremlin incursion ten years prior. She carries with her a Dragon Gun of Elven make, a weapon filled by mana and usually used to drive away dragons, but now used to cleave Gremlins in two with its power. The scars and tattoos that cover her body tell of her many battles, but little does she know that her greatest battle is yet to come….