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@Blue Blazer said:

Crap, I just finished my version of the Stranger before realizing the contest was closed. Here he is anyway.

Damn, that’s unfortunate. Good design.

Anyway, I was going to put this up a bit earlier, but I got sidetracked by being ill.
This week’s challenge- make these look awesome.

Chinese Zodiac


Dragon- Anila
A member of a group of people possessed by the spirits of the Chinese zodiac, Amanda Law is Anila the dragon. A fierce fighter, Anila frequently takes charge of the group due to her spirits dominant and driven personality. This often puts her at logger-heads with other members of the group, especially Sindura the rooster and Mihira the Tiger. Anila is currently the only one of the group to have defeated the Jade Emperor in a fight.

Snake- Sandilya
John Daniels is a member of a group of people possessed by the spirits of the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac, in his case Sandilya the Snake. Sandilya is one of the more intelligent members of the group and prefers to think his way around problems rather than charging in. This often puts him at odds with the more hot-headed zodiac spirits, such as Mihira the Tiger.

Horse- Indra
Possessing one of the more unusual and easily spotted forms of any of those possessed by the spirits of the Zodiac, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Penn is the one who has had to adapt the most to her new life. Outgoing and friendly, Indra is a very strong character and extremely intelligent. She enjoys being the centre of attention and is likely to become moody if she doesn’t get her way.

Goat- Pajra
Pajra the zodiac spirit of the goat, carried by Willow Majors, is the thinker of the group. She is much happier being alone, absorbed in her thoughts, than with the other zodiac spirits. She is very artistic, and enjoys painting and playing music on the lyra. Willow was a nurse before she became Pajra and, as such, takes care of any member of the group who is injured or ill.

Monkey- Makura
Playful and mischievous, Lucy George is Makura, the monkey spirit of the zodiac. She is very curious and intelligent, with quick reflexes and gymnastics skills, making her a valuable asset to the team. However, her love of fun and jokes can annoy other members of the team, especially Sandilya the snake.

Rooster- Sindura
Once a loving father and husband, now Lee Yung is Sindura, the zodiac spirit of the rooster. Sindura is a very proud and confident spirit, speaking his mind often, he likes being in charge and the centre of attention. He organises the group and hates it when his plans go wrong, usually due to one or other members of the group. He is very loyal and is good friends with Vajra the Ox and Sandilya the Snake.

Dog- Catura
Matthew Roberts, the host chosen by the Zodiac Spirit of the Dog and the youngest member of the zodiac team, being only 16 years old. An avid horror and sic-fi fan, he ran away from home when he first became Catura’s host, believing he was a werewolf. He was the first of the current hosts to be found by the Jade Emperor, but was saved by Indra. Catura is very friendly and loyal, as well as being a good listener. He has a very strong moral compass and will act as the teams conscience if any members make plans that could endanger innocents. He looks up to the older members of the zodiac team, but often they don’t take him seriously, especially Sandilya the Rooster and Anila the Dragon, who think he is too young and too inexperienced to be a good fighter.

Pig- Vikarala
Vikarala the Pig is, out of all the zodiac spirits, the one who loves to live life to the full. He chose his host Henry Molden, a successful businessman, because of his easy access to fine foods and luxury goods. Vikarala seeks peace above all, appeasing the other zodiac spirits whenever possible. This does open him up to manipulation by the smarter members of the group.

Rat- Kubira
Charming, strong-willed and intelligent, Kubira the Rat is one of the self-imposed leaders of the Zodiac. His host, George Thomas, was a successful entrepreneur, who’s enthusiasm for fire-arms saved both his and Kubira’s life when they first met the Jade Emperor. Whilst on the surface Kubira seems an easy person to get along with, underneath he can be very aggressive and obstinate, determined to get what he wants, no matter what the cost. He prefers to focus on the bigger picture, even if it can put his friends in danger.

Ox- Vajra
Vajra (Winston Black) is the zodiac spirit of the ox. he is strong, dependable and hard-wording. He dislikes laziness and his idea of relaxing is doing more work, preferably in his garden. He is a very trustworthy individual and he is the spirit that all of the others respect and listen to. Whilst he is strong enough to lift a truck, he is a surprisingly gentle and thoughtful individual, preferring to think before he acts.

Tiger- Mihira
The tiger spirit of the zodiac, Mihira is the hot-head of the group. Exceptionally brave and with an unpredictable nature, she will fight impossible battles if she feels either her honour or her friends are threatened. She often clashes with other dominant spirits if she feels like her input is being ignored or devalued.

Rabbit- Antira
Quiet and compassionate, Antira the Rabbit spirit is the closest thing to a pacifist in the group of Zodiac spirits. She detests conflict, preferring to avoid it altogether. However, she is not a coward, and will fight if she sees no other alternative. It takes a lot to get Antira angry, but some of the more aggressive spirits have been known to do so. Before Antira’s spirit took her as a host, Francesca Williams was a house wife with a young daughter, but she can not now return to her family, incase the Jade Emperor follows her.

Rules for this contest- You can do what ever you want with the characters, you don’t have to stick with body types, looks, whatever. The only thing that must stay the same is the gender of the characters. You must also have an indication of what animal the character represents and include the zodiac symbol from Insignia- Nature somewhere on the design. If I can’t see the symbol, I won’t allow the entry.
The contest closes next Monday. Good Luck.