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Ok people, you mission, should you choose to accept it, for this week is to redesign these guys.

The Outsiders, a mercenary team who deal with superhuman cases for a high price.

Cat-Girl: A mutant with cat-like looks and abilities. She is very haughty and self-reliant, but she does have a tender side, providing she gets something in return.
Shock Stevens: A customer of the Heromaker, who bestowed him with the ability to control magnetism and electrical currents. Very down to earth and streetwise, he is often the one to gather information for the Outsiders, using his network of contacts.
Firebolt: A cyborg energy blaster with a short fuse and a bad attitude. She prefers to get the job done as quickly as possible without having to waste time asking questions.
Snake: An inventor who implanted bio-mechanical control chips into his own brain allowing him to technopathically control his custom made whips.
Scarlet: A master spy and stealthy assassin, she relies on her deception skills to capture her quarry, and she is often the first wave for the team on big cases, taking out guards and disabling security.
Hiroshi: A Japanese immigrant on the run from his fathers criminal organisation. He is proficient in most forms of martial arts and, like Scarlet, relies on stealth and cunning in combat.
Archer: An olympic level markswoman, capable with most forms of projectile. She makes her own arrows, with a wide variety of effects, from explosive tips to anaesthetic.
The Stranger: The leader of The Outsiders, able to resurrect himself after being killed. However, his body usually carries on decomposing for a few days after resurrection before returning to normal, so he hides himself under a mask and long coat.

Hopefully you will find something to inspire you amongst these designs. I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with, especially after last weeks contest.
You have until next Monday (U.K. time). Good Luck.