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Ok guys, your time is up. Here are your winners.

From left to right
Dr Dome by Blue Blazer
Gold Cross by djuby
Flying Ace by Blue Blazer
The Bolt by headlessgeneral
The American by livewyre1014
Miss Liberty by djuby
Aquaran by headlessgeneral
The Evil Intelligence by headlessgeneral

I had such a hard time deciding on these, I had about 20 designs that could have won. It was a last minute thing on which Dr Dome design would make the group shot. Also the decision on the Aquaran winner was especially hard, as each of the entries was brilliant and brought a great new edge to the character.

But we can have only one overall winner, and here I have a real problem. With so many great designs, it is a really hard decision. But our winner is djuby.

I will announce the next contest later today, so get any congratulations out of the way in between.