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Sorry guys, forgot about this. Very hard decision this one, but I think it goes to CantDraw, for the excellent waistcoat and shoes.

Now whilst I’m here, I might as well put up a new challenge, and to make sure I don’t forget, I’ll offer a prize. If you win I’ll do you a redesign of one of your characters or a custom pose/ item (or something like that), it’s up to you.

Now going back to the original theme of these contests, I’ve got two characters for you to have a go at this week (yep, one week only, hopefully). One of my oldest heroes and his archenemy (who I’d really like a new name for as well, cause I hate his current name).

Golden Guardian

And Captain (see, rubbish name, but I’ve never been able to think of anything else)

As for rules, not really any, just keep close to the original colour schemes. The capes aren’t necessary, but if you want to keep them that’s up to you. GG should have some sort of head protection but it doesn’t need to be a helmet. You don’t have to do both, but it can’t hurt your chances of winning.
Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you come up with and remember, make ’em good, cause there’s a prize.