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Ok, I’m gonna try this again. I’m expecting exactly the same response as I got last time (i.e. nothing) but might as well try.
I conjunction with my current creation series ‘The Fairy Tale Fighters’, I’d like to see what you guys can do. I wasn’t originally do villains but I’ve come up with some basic character outlines for you.

– The Little Man: A small fat man with white hair and a red coat, who kidnaps children and turns them into farm animals which he then sells on to farmers.
– Big Bad Wolf: A large grey wolf man who used to be Red Riding Hoods boyfriend. However Red accidentally transformed him into his current form when she was practicing her magic. When she was unable to undo the spell, he became consumed by rage at the realisation he would never have a normal life. He now actively tries to hurt Red, even going so far as to kill her Grandmother.
– The Giant: A very tall man (about 9 foot), he is brutish and incredibly strong. He used to be a customer of Jack when Jack was a drug dealer, but he took some of Jacks experimental drugs and was driven mad. He now has a extreme version of ‘the munchies’, nothing can state his hunger, not even eating another person, which is what he has planned for Jack if he ever catches him.
– King Rat: The leader of a gang called The Rats, who rule the Pied Pipers home town, he is a gruff looking man, unshaved and going grey, who wears dark coloured suits and has buck teeth (like a rat) and a ratty face.
– The Fox: A smart and sly assassin, who has been hired to take down the escaped robot Gingerbread Man. He wears luxury furs and a hat and he carries a cane. His coat also has a fake fox tail which moves behind him as he walks.
– Mole: A gross, short and practically blind man with over large hands, who wears black velvet and small spectacles. He once kidnapped Thumbelina and tried to force her to marry him. He is obsessed with her and will stop at nothing until she is with him.
– The Wicked Witch: A highly beautiful, but extremely malicious and arrogant woman, who wears faux- medieval clothing and carries a large staff/ wand. She hates Prince Charming, as he and his wife, The Princess, embody everything she hates, love and happiness, and they have fought many times in the past.

You can have as many entries as you want, the contest will last for a week (maybe two depending on participation levels) and the winner gets a HOTM nomination.