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Blue Blazer

@JR19759 said:

Ok. I’ve run out of ideas for what characters to give you guys to redesign now, so I’m not going to run this thread as a redesign contest until I figure out what the next contest should be. But instead of neglecting it, I thought I’d try something different.
Now that I’ve finished doing redesigns of my more recent characters, I thought I should go back to some of my very earliest creations, The Elements, a team of normal people who are given ten legendary orbs each containing a great elemental spirit. Thing is though, I want to shake this up a bit, so what I’m going to do is ask you guys to serve as my inspiration. What I want is for you guys to get involved, become part of the team. So, if you want me to do a portrait of you as a member of my new elements team, or if you want to create a character specifically to be a part of it, then post a head-shot and text file below or PM me with them (head-shots only please, I’ll figure out the rest later) with a name for the character, which elemental orb they would have and a short description of their personality (I’ll also flesh that out later). I’ll be operating on first come first served. I’ll update the list below when an element becomes unavailable.

The elements are: Fire, Earth (TAKEN), Water, Electricity (TAKEN), Air, Ice, Metal, Light, Darkness, Time (TAKEN)

Vampyrist has already got involved, via my deviantart page, so I hope some other people will follow his example. I’ll post them up on my thread when I’ve got at least two more people interested and their designs done. Also, I will be reserving at least three spaces for female members, incase any of the girls don’t get involved here, I don’t really want to have an all male team.

Hope to hear from you guys.

My face is on HM3 in the Winners tab. It’s this one…

And I think Blue Blazer is actually a pretty good name for a fire-based character…