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name: peacekeeper
real name: marcus derringer
age: 65
occupation: head of rail city’s department of metahuman affairs
alignment: government, take that as you will.
powers: manipulation of air currents(flight), super strength, super durability
peacekeeper – marcus derringer is a 65-year-old metahuman, former superhero, and current head of rail city’s classified department of metahuman affairs. his powers manifested on his 18th birthday, giving him super strength, super durability, and the ability of flight. due to his incredibly durable skin, the aging process is nearly halved, making him appear to be in his mid-thirties. marcus began his career shortly after the manifestation of his abilities, his purpose being to keep his home city in a state of peace, hence his taken name. he retired from crimefighting at some point in the mid-80’s after his final battle with his former archnemesis, osiris, whose plot to raise rail city’s dead for his mindless army(and eventually raise the dead from all over the world to do his bidding) killed hundreds of rail city’s citizens. in a fit of rage, peacekeeper had set osiris’ base to self-destruct, and in what he intended to be his final act of bravery, did battle with osiris until the countdown ran out, seemingly blowing both of them sky-high. peacekeeper survived, however, and osiris’ body was never recovered. peacekeeper resurfaced under his real identity in 2010 as a figurehead rail city official, and secretly began motioning for the formation of the department of metahuman affairs. he was placed in charge of the department upon it’s formation, and has worked tirelessly to keep any super villains contained and keep the new, young generation of heroes from screwing things up for themselves. while he does not trust the new generation, he does believe they may someday be a vital asset to rail city.==continued in “young blood”==