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name: spark
real name: natalie helsel
age: 17
occupation: student
alingment: hero
powers: control over electric energy
natalie helsel is a metahuman who manifested the ability to control electrical currents when she was caught in the crossfire between police and the villain twister on her walk home from school one day. twister was trying to escape the police through the city when he noticed her a few blocks from her school, so he lifted her into the air with a cyclone and pulled her to him, and held her as a human shield to the police. as twister held her hostage, she tried to struggle to no avail, until he abducted her during his escape. after several minutes, well past twister losing the officers chasing him, she felt a strong tingling feeling surge through her body and heard twister scream and beg her to “stop”, until he fell to the ground unconscious, with smoke coming off his electrocuted body. she took the name spark and quickly took to learning to control her powers, fully accepting of her metahuman abilities. she understands the risks of anyone finding out about her powers, so she hasn’t told anyone, although some people are suspicious of her actions. her first meeting with ravager involved a communication error, causing spark to attack ravager, assuming him to be an enemy. ravager escaped her, but not without taking several blows, partially because of his unwillingness to strike her. ravager had gotten close enough at one point to get a good look at her eyes and notice her stretched earlobes, and recognized her as a fellow student from his school. the only blow ravager had dealt to her was in her cheek with the end of his staff, disorienting her long enough to make his escape. unbeknownst to her, ravager kept track of her actions over the next several weeks to scout for a weakness, confirming his beliefs that he knew who she was, and discovering that she wasn’t an up-and-coming villain, but a headstrong young hero, not unlike himself. when twister re-emerged after his self-described “embarassing defeat at the hands of a teenage girl”, spark was his target. wearing a new shock-proof insulated suit, twister set a trap for spark, paying off several thugs to rob a convenience store and hold all of its occupants hostage. when spark arrived and made short work of the hired guns, twister created a powerful cyclone to rip the roof off the building, and dropped in from the sky to challenge spark. she recognized him as the villain who had set off her abilities at first several months prior, and immediately charged a powerful bolt of electricity towards him. it hit, but only knocked him back a few feet, and did no damage. twister taunted and goaded her into a one-on-one fist fight, and started to brutallize spark, with intentions of killing her. unbeknownst to either of them, ravager watched on at a distance through binoculars, believing spark to have the situation under control, until twister’s emergence. bruised and bloodied and in a nearly unconscious state, spark put up as much of an effort as she could, to almost no avail. twister gripped her by her neck with both hands and held her above him, slowly strangling the life out of her, taunting her and ready to deal the final blow. ravager dropped in behind twister, causing twister to drop spark and turn around. ravager glared intently at twister, and made his intentions to save spark and beat twister relentlessly very clear. twister fired up a cyclone to blow ravager away, but ravager was able to resist its force, and managed to throw his staff like a javelin at twister, knocking his helmet off. spark, using her last bit of strength, thrust her hands onto twister’s face, and sent every bit of electrical current in her body through him, rendering him comatose, and then fell, exhausted. the last thing she remembered before passing out was ravager rushing to her side. she awoke several hours later on a bed in the abandoned cathedral that ravager uses as a base of operations, barely able to move, not knowing where she was. ravager returned in time to see her trying to get up, and explained to her what exactly had happened, and informed her that twister had been taken into maximum security and wouldn’t be back out any time soon. he lowered his hood and removed his mouthguard, revealing his identity to her to gain her trust, and took her to the cathedral’s roof to tell her his story. now knowing eachother’s real names and motives, the two parted ways, knowing full well they would be seeing eachother, and perhaps working together, in the future. ==continued in “young blood”==spark.PNG